Omachala Album

The Much Anticipated Album of 2021 Titled; Omachala is Officially Out and its Now time to have your hands on it.

Не могу читать по-английски, Нет проблем, Играть Loacte Теперь ссылка ниже в конце этого сообщения, чтобы немедленно воспроизвести песню

Soma Kiingereza, Hakuna Shida, Loacte cheza Sasa kiunga hapa chini mwishoni mwa chapisho hili kucheza wimbo mara moja

Its our First Production for the year 2021, which featured great Gospel Artist with Great songs, which is spiritually Elevating and Ready to Connect you To God.

There were so many challenge and sets back in 2020 and we Hope with God By your side and as your listen to this great songs, 2021 shall be your year you excel.

Great Number of celebrities are talking about this Album and its time to know, why every one is talking about it. On our digital platform were its hosted, we would be greatful if you follow us to get regular update.

God bless you as you play this Album, Follow Us and make it go viral by sharing it to all your friends and loved ones.

Play Now >>> Click Here

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Cheza Sasa >> Bonyeza Hapa

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