My God By Josings

Josings also known as Ezedike Joshua is a talented recording artist/gospel music minister, and also a songwriter. he is a worshiper that brings down the presence of God. And through his ministration lives have been touched by his ministrations. Lastly, you’d like to see him praise God because he’s also a praiser, Min Joshua was born and raised in lagos. he became interested in music right from his teenage age.

According to the minstrel new released. TITLED MY GOD, he said God gave him this song through the preaching of a great man of God, pastor Philip George. then he started meditating on the word and the holy spirit started ministering.
Some people on this planet earth thinks God is just the God of heaven alone. No, he is not. God is never restricted, you need to personalized it to yourself and declare it that no matter what I pass through on earth in my business, in my job, wherever I find myself no matter the situation I will boldly confess it that JEHOVAH is my GOD.

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