Lagos On Fire

It looks as if the corona virus plan is to end all of mankind but it won’t succeed by God grace, because everyone wants to stay alive and witness, this chapter end of this grave pandemic that rocked all of mankind.

Many are in fear and torment, but what can be so frightening than the sound of a gun, the roaring of criminals, armed robbers shouting for you to open that bloody door otherwise, they will break it down and wreck havoc of all inhabitant of that household.

Lock Down is very good, at least restricting movement and saving life’s from danger of corona virus, but is that simply really important, when the governments are simply playing politics with it.

Lagos is the centre of the corona virus disease just like Wuhan in china, and New York in the united state and have the centre of increased robbery both day and night, what do you want those irresponsible youth to do when their means of livelihood had been stopped and put on hold, because the government have failed to deliver reasonable palliative, that suppose to cushion the effect of the lock down.

Now young boys and men are getting hooked to stealing, which is now the order of the day and every one right in Lagos is now sleeping with one eyes open for fear not to be caught by surprise by armed robbers.

Lagos is not to blame, at least the state government despite their short comings, they doing quite well seeing the numbers of discharged patient, it gives us that hope soon, we will all get back to our normal life’s but until then we need a special insecticide that destroy permanently any mosquito of both the corona virus and robbery pandemic, which is for the federal might to deploy the military to assist to put down every lockdown state on total lock down and quarantine with no movement. Which means everyone would be in their houses for complete 14 days without coming out from their apartment, which halt the increase in both the corona virus and robbery cases.

We all want to get back to our normal life’s but things need to be taken seriously and we should experience total lock down with the presence of military, thereby giving us the opportunity to sleep with two eyes close, because there is hunger and greediness in the land.

There is fear in the land, the corona virus, the armed robbery are two things eating my heart, because I can’t stand myself paying for a private security at an exorbitant rate, which is suppose to be the responsibility of the government to protect life’s.

We are all in lock down, so let’s take advantage of this great moment to rediscover ourselves and if you feel the government need to do more then don’t be quite, make your voice count because we need your voice to correct so many mistakes, let’s make Lagos and other places responsible and put the government up to its toes because, they all need to be responsible to the masses.

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