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Many fans are really reacting after listening to the “ I Cant Breathe” Album to which Ify Praiz  was included, if you haven’t played today, you can take the advantage to play and give your reaction about it, so Play Now>>

we recently asked Ify Praiz  to provide answers to questions you will really love and it also gives you the idea to know what he is thinking now.

Here Goes It:

1. The “I Cant Breathe” Album is out, and how do you feel after listening to it

Answer: I feel so blessed and lifted.

2. what are your friends, fans and family all saying about it.
Answers: Well, first of all they are congratulating me for been a part of such a huge project and they are happy that it speaks about justice among the human race.
3. the ” I Cant Breathe album Name was selected because of the popularity it drew and there was need to put God in it and take advantage of the social strength it pulled all over the world after the murder of George Floyd, but how was your reaction after you watched the video of George Floyd begging for his life.
Answers: After I watched George Floyd begging for his life I felt pity for the young man, and I was like is this cop not hearing him lamenting that he can’t breath, what of the other cops who were there can’t they do anything to stop that man? Or even push him aside. The video is a pathetic one
4. A report by an independent jury revealed findings that George Floyd Said ” I Cant breathe” For 20 times but the police officer ignored, whats your thought about it and if you are in position as a judge, what judgement would you want to pass to those accused police officer.
Answers: Ha! For taking a life which they know they can’t give without remorse, I will sentence them to life imprisonment with hard labor because they are wicked and heartless creatures.
5. Racism and Oppression have really spark rage all over the world after the death of George Floyd, where do you think the Human race got it wrong and what remedy would you recommend as solution.
Answers: This is exactly what Nelson Mandela of late memory fought against, racism shouldn’t be found among human race, weather black, white, yellow or even green we are all made my one God. When God said in the Book of Genesis now let us make in our own image, he didn’t say let us make the white or the black but He said man. This is the only knowledge we need as humans.
6. the Coming weeks, comes with lot of Interviews from you, what words of encouragement do you have for your fans.
Answers:  To you all lovers of Ify praiz don’t give up even in this period that covid 19 is ravaging all over the world, our God is still on the throne be steadfast in serving the Lord. It is well with you all.

Thank you so much for reading, dont forget to Play The “I Cant Breathe” Album Play Now and remember we love and we are bringing up a Discussion Forum Known as “The Flow” so you can join the conversation, to simply tell us what you are passing through, how you are overcoming your obstacles and questions you might want us to ask the Artist, who were featured in the “I Cant Breathe” Album by simply using our hashtag both on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #theflow

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