I Am Not Your Sister!

Finally after decades of fighting patriarchy & religious extremism, the feminists worldwide & those camps whom were being at war against each-other, seems that they have found peace among themselves & a common cause; a holy war that they can fight together; THE LIBERATION OF THE FEMALE VAGINA!


The feminists worldwide , patriarchy & religious extremists want to free the female vagina!

Feminists worldwide want to live like loose whores, & therefore they want their condoms & access to abortions!

Religious extremists, the patriarchy with 4 wives & the likes who follow in their footsteps & want to remarry, want to put to an end FEMALE GENITAL CUTTING, so they can have  QUALITY & STEAMY SEX!

Amid all the tragedies that surround women/girls the only cause that seems worth their time, is the women’s vagina!

I can’t tell you the number of times those groups that pretend to care about women/girls & the falsely religious had denied me work because am not interested in their obscene & loose causes while neglecting ending (Poverty among women, violence, unemployment, illiteracy, women slavery, sexual slavery, denying women their rights & other evils) that are committed against women!


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