How Social Revolution Unfolded Human Existence

Social revolution has really transformed, the way people think and do things. It had opened weaknesses and nakedness of how things are done. A change in the way people sleep, walk, talk, jump, move and reason. Revolution is a changes, which had not been before in existence but rightly exist now. A change that is sudden and unexpected. Social revolution is really diverting from urban to rural area. Before social revolution, part of the world was in captivity on blindness.

Technology brought about that social revolution, through communication of information, which flies like wild wind in a twinkle of a second. People now communicate by different ways. While in the early 1990s, there was nothing like social integration between people around the world to exchange views. It was high earners that were able to afford to have communication gadget, enabling to communicate with limited people. Technology was also lagging behind; it was only some developed countries, which were able to have such facilities.

Today, it is a history, as people now communicate and connect every minute. Social activities are now strong and booming very well. We now have the presence of many social facilities, such as internet, cinemas, television stations, electronics, cars and newspapers. All this facilities have really changed life around; people now watch programs on cables and local television stations. The presence of electronics products such as phones, laptops, computers all have really changed human existence, the way people think, feel and do things, making them happy. Magazines and newspapers have really changed human existence a lot, such that information, which is very costly to have, can now be gotten free or at affordable prices.

All over the world, people are connecting with different people on a daily basis. Some can now know another person from a different continent mutually. These in turn, promote exchange in knowledge and information between different people, with different cultures and backgrounds. The presence of thousands of social organization both offline and online also contributed to these unfolded existence by revolution. The availability of many websites online with different offer platforms such as forums, social networks and blogs. Offline, there are also huge presence of social groups, that are there to co-ordinate, the co-existence of different people local and internationally. Offline social organization are been sponsored by both private and government organization. All this organization has a purpose of working it, other than promoting social profits to the people.

Technology is the key to social revolution; things are now made quickly and fast before you could even think of it. It wasn’t easy in the past, but now has been made easy. There is smile in the faces of people their technological gadgets. You can now hear music, which is the food of the mind. Imaging, when this is lacking, there would be hatred in the heart of people, due to idleness, People get involved in several evil act, people are even dull to express how they feel, but all these have revolved around from evil to good, from dark to light and from bondage to freedom. Today, you now have the freedom to so extent, freedom to mix with other culture and religion with no holds barrier, which are not done manually but digitally. How have social revolution unfolded your existence to meet new people, love and communicate?

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