Gospel Idol Season 1 Winner

We give glory to God for his wonderful grace. We feel happy for all contestant, who had passed through days, weeks and months of contest, you are truly a hero and with this your action, we want to Guarantee you that we would work so hard for you, to see you get to the top.

After 9 weeks of competition 5 contestant, we shortlisted for the finals. For the best performance according to our final jury by Benkas

1. Nadine

2. Omobolanle

3. Kislon


For the overall winner for this season, Themed: Total Lockdown With God

1. Wasa with 3000 votes

2. Nadine with 913 votes

3. Omobolanle with 438 votes

4. Kislon with 375 Votes

5. Valour with 10 Votes


All final contestants are all absorbed into the Gospelwatt team with varying awards and contracts durations and all be contented personally.

For the fans we really appreciate your time and effort you put in voting for your favourite contestants, Gods willing we hope to meet you in persons and we look next year for a much more bigger Gospel idol season.

Thanks and stay blessed.

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