Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is likely still a couple years off, but here’s what we know so far about the Targaryen-lead Game of Thrones prequel.

Since, The Game of Thrones prequels were announced a number has been narrowed down just to the Targaryen-lead House of the Dragon. Little is still known about the series, but production has indeed begun – though it’s currently on hold due to the corona virus pandemic. Even though there’s no telling when production might begin again on the Game of Thrones prequel, we’re still very excited about the few details we do know about it.

First, the dragon-sized elephant in the room and The Game of Thrones prequel series which originally set to star Naomi Watts was cancelled late last year and immediately replaced by a new series that takes place 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones. We’ll go into more detail on it later but According  HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys, House of the Dragon is the “number one priority” when it comes to a new Game of Thrones series. So here’s everything we do know about the upcoming show.

With everything going on, we don’t expect House of the Dragons to reach our screens for at least another couple of years, before the pandemic threatened to delay production, HBO’s Casey Bloys said it would release “sometime in 2022,” adding that the script was already being written. But as lock downs around the world pose significant production hurdles, there’s a good chance it releases later than that.

Not that it’s a direct equivalent, but for comparison sake: the idea for a Game of Thrones TV show was originally conceived in 2006 and development began in 2007. The pilot episode of Game of Thrones premiered in 2011, roughly four years later. With that timeline in mind, it wouldn’t be without precedent to see House of the Dragons release around the 2024 mark. Though, again, that’s 100% speculation, and with any luck, we’ll be watching the Game of Thrones prequel well before that time.

Keep Date with us next week for another episode.

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