Fify Strokes 1

The king has lots of concubine, which are less important to him, since

he is imprudent. The crowd of people waited anxiously, as the king

arrived lately and immediately ascend to his throne, but some part of

the crowd, never welcomed him after waiting for long, some

murmured our king is a cad and exactly looks caddy in nature, this

made them guffaw, at least they now feel better.

The palace was in a brawl of noise, just like a congested market, with

lots of people buying, selling, talking and shouting at the same time,

but went mute as soon as the king rise to speak. He spoke

imperiously, in his words, my people; the custom of our land has

changed. I feel arsey, since I have no conscience and the gods of our

land acknowledge it. Anyone who fall prey would be chastised by the

priest and possibly sold to slavery.

The people listened, but find it bitter to swallow. Soon, the priest

beckoned on the king, who gave him a nod. The priest jangled his two

long thin canes and saw it as a chore, to flog fifty strokes of cane to

each person. The victims didn’t know, how best to express

themselves but instead crow loud, which attracted attention of the

crowd, who watched pitiful, I guess it was suppose to be for thief’s

but why innocent people. The king and his royal chief’s chortle as the

victims blare, but only one of the royal chief find it appalling.

The king ambushed chief Nkem, why you are not happy, but replied in

parables my heart is worm eaten and very soon the worm will turn.

The king didn’t understand and so called for an interpreter, who

translated correctly.

Both Barney lengthy and went on barren, until chief Nkem choked and

mired, as soon as the king ordered his guard to throw him into prison.

At least chief Nkem was brave enough, although impudent, not like

his other eleven colleagues, who are a bunch of chumps. They

watched as he was maltreated by the guards, no effort was made

because, they were afraid and what a palaver, since they get nice

gifts from the king regularly.

The wife of chief Nkem, Chinasa rushed to the king begging him to

forgive his husband, but he gave her three conditions. Chinasa meet

her husband, jealously guarded by macho prison guards. Two days has

passed, chief Nkem and his wife haven’t seen eye ball to eye ball and

the prison guards be all eyes on them. Both exchanged pleasantries, I

miss you, full of tears and I miss you as well but he was full of other

things, like hoping for the best. She said; the king gave three

conditions for your release, namely; you must beg him at the presence

of everyone in public, you must relinquish your most contested royal

position and finally, give out your daughter to be his wife, but his

husband quickly replied over my dead body.

She told her sister of her predicaments, her sister told her friend, her

friend told her friends, and it spread and reached the kings ears. Her

sister and her friend are such a talkative, despite call by her to remain


The guards went to her house, unlucky she was at home; the guards

clamped her wings and straight to the king and thereafter shipped off to the prison together with her husband. Son and daughter visited
mother and father, oh can’t stand the scene, daughter cries out
emotionally but her mother was quick to console, the son panged
angrily but father reassured, keep your shirt on, it is only for a short

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