Erotica Vs Erotic Romance

People engage in sex, may watch sex on TV. or may come across it online, in all those settings it seems okay for people to be exposed to sex, but if they come across it in literature that is another story; then it is doomsday especially in societies who represent themselves and praise themselves for being religious !

There are many genres of writing and two genres in particular that I want to discuss are ( Erotica & Erotic Romance), just search for those topics online and you will notice that even the west that praises itself for being (Free Societies) there is an ongoing heated debate!  Most romance writers or those who write about the sexual lives of their characters are engaged in a fight to clear their names (Don’t call me a……. writer), so you can then understand what some writers at very strict and conservative societies are facing when they write about the sexual lives of their characters.

So let us explain the main difference between each genre:



In her blog author Maree Anderson mentions that ‘Erotica’ is derived from Greek word erōtikos that goes way back other words erōs or erōtos which mean ‘Love’!

Then she states that the emphasis of such genre is ‘Sexual Journey/Exploration’ than on ‘Developing Relationships’.

Lime Cello states that in ‘Erotica’ there is no need for a happy ending and it is about sex between characters.

Author Sorcha Grace claims that ‘Erotica’ has sometimes a ‘Happy Ever After’.

Erotica Romance

So for starters ‘Erotic Romance’ focuses on the romantic relationships between the characters and focuses on the ‘Happy Ever After’. The love relationship of the characters develops through sex.

Author Sylvia Day describes it as ‘stories written about the development of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction.’ She then goes on saying that you cannot remove the sex without damaging the story line and it must has a HEA.

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