CoronaV By Gospel Watt All Stars

We are at a cross road, a time when corona virus is ravaging every corners of the world, putting sporting and businesses on hold and have proven to be a no respecter of anyone, wealth or status,but in all there is one power, one word,one name,it respect and fears and that name is Jesus, because the blood of Jesus when proclaimed kills even corona virus and it knows it.

Jesus have power over it and at the mention or meditation of Jesus every particles of corona virus dies immediately, because it’s a noisy pestilence which is not meant for the children of God.

The song CoronaV written by CEO of Gospel Watt Music and sang by every team member of the Gospel Watt Music Record featuring the flourish light voice, Benkas, Chioma Gift, Philspirit,Daniel Smith, Sammie G, Hycient Essien and a whole lot of others.
It’s a song that has proven to heal every case of corona viruses and diseases. All you just need to do is to listen and sing it and your miracle is guaranteed.

The song would be available to listen to as from Sunday 15 march 2020.
Please keep a date with us and do us a favor to share to all your friends, we need great networking for this song because God is waiting to heal every sicknesses with your help.

Follow us on all our social network Handles and God bless you.

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