Climbing the Mountain Of Nico Rosberg

It is no fun climbing a mountain more than once. It comes with lot of stress and extra hard work and the question always pop op, what is the point of climbing mountain Everest more than once. If one has successfully reached, the peak of mountain Everest, there is no need going all over again to start another hard journey to climb mountain Everest again. Climbing it again can be very dangerous depending one strength and passion and can even result to terminating one’s life and career.

Lots of people get to the peak and fail to recognize, the importance of leaving a sweet legacy for themselves by retiring at that peak, than climbing again when lot of other thirsty and hungry people are earnestly looking to get to that peak.

It is just like a war, lots of soldiers are fighting to be a hero and lay a legacy for themselves and their unborn generations. Once you make history for yourself, there is no point making same history, when you know is risky and there are also lots of other people looking to reach that peak. When you win for the second time, it is not always sweet as the first and you feel important to celebrate it.

We all know formula one to be a dangerous and unhealthy sport just like the obstacles climbers experience while trying to reach mountain Everest. There are lots of risks associated with formula one despite its high amount of financial rewards. Every racer is looking to clinch, the number position because it is a legacy but meant for those who are determined to take the risk. Formula one is not like football, where the most talented like messi or cristaino ronaldo are always the best, but in formula one every one is the best, but the best out of them all most always emerge, which is not really easy.

Nico rosberg is light come through, after climbing the desired peak of his career; he immediately retired at his peak. It took him ten years to get to his desired peak, which affected his relationship with his family because he was in the midst of getting to his peak and was stock up not to come down but focused on getting to his desired peak. He had nurtured his dream to get to that top from when he was six years old and emulated his father keke rosberg to be a formula one world champion and his hard work and focus paid him off after winning, the formula championship in 2016, He was happy and satisfied of his fulfillment after getting to his desired but surprised everyone after he made a brave decision to retire at his peak. His dream has come through and it was now time for him to focus on other non risky things. Nico rosberg put all his effort in 2016 with evidence of pressure on all his races. The thoughts of going all over again to beat other racers again and the risk and injury involved was a sacrifice, he was not ready to make.

Stress, pressure, fear and anxiety are very terrible illnesses that kill slowly with one knowing it. Anything that would make one experience such for two long should be avoided. Nico rosberg had made a name for him and it is time for him to enjoy the benefits, which comes after it. He won’t be forgotten as his name is now a legacy, just as his father did and would remain signed permanently.

We all can adopt Nico rosberg system of reaching his peak and retiring there by working hard to achieve your desired dreams, no matter how risky, time consuming and costly it might be, all you need is to be patience and when your patience pays off to get to the peak of your desired dreams or desired career, you simply retire and enjoy the benefits after on.

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