Bill Gate Speaks On Corona Virus Vaccine Testing

After Two french Doctors spoke about about testing corona vaccine in Africa here is what Bill Gate had to Say about it.

Over the past week there have been lots of criticism and accusation surrounding the corona virus epidermic, some complaining of china involvement and china defending themselves and accusing others.

There is no one to be trusted some have said,they don’t want to receive anything from china but turned back to receive,its just so distracting and now Africa is now at the center for the vaccine testing despite it been tested in this few advance country, but this was blown out of proportion by the two french doctors and its paying the negative effect because Africa is having less casualty to the corona virus mortality rate.

here are some few comment from most online contributors:

Don’t be stupid, vaccines are done on healthy people because they know there will be adverse effects. If done on not healthy people they could die and companies would be forced to pay compensations. This way, with healthy people, they can lie and say it wasnt because of vaccines.

Y’all lack so much knowledge,Bill left Microsoft a long time ago to focus on dealing with Malaria & other diseases in Africa. On this video he is talking about making Coronavirus tests,they want to test people before they get sick and isolate them from the people that are not.

No. Because vaccines are done on healthy people( healthy volunteers). Italy has a lot of sick people, and the rate of new infections is high. Africa has among the lowest reported cases. If done in Italy, then the results could be distorted and incorrect.

All these people agreeing to this experiment saying Vaccines should be tested on healthy people hence Africans were chosen. Who says we are healthy?! We have high numbers of TB and HIVmq

I am having a strong feeling the number of cases will rise in order to get the vaccine chipped into our bodies

Italy, USA, Spain. They need it there., like seriously. If its a real thing, and not a medical experiment.

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