A Gun On Tik Tok

Living through 2020 would e a Testimony, As Many are dead, job, money and Asset all lots. Tik tok which many underrated when it started has proven to be a social network heavyweight far better than instagram due to its unique quality to encourage creativity. The content you see all on Tik Tok are very creative and now instagram a really learning a lot from them, but the preference of Tik Tok over instagram would be a thing to talk about soon.

In what appears to be a surprise story, many hope it was all joke by president trump, when he said Tik Tok would be banned in the United States because of security concerns and this for some time made me made adjustment from allowing Tik Tok access my other social account.

Whatsapp and Facebook are banned in china and trump is also trying to play the china way of banning all china application in the United States. Tik Tok now have few days to sale off its operation in the united states to any interested private organization like Microsoft, who have showed huge interest to buy. They now have a gun pointing at their head which means they must sale off or end up losing everything due to the ban, just like a thief at gun point asking either for your money or life.

Selling their operation mean they are still in control but won’t have access to use data unless there is a level of cooperation that can permit.one can’t blame Trump at all, because from the look of things why would china ban united state owned application in china and expect united states would be reluctant from doing same.

Ultimately an agreement would be reached because Tik Tok is a top social network and losing its operation in the United States would simply favor the likes of instagram, to capitalize on such opportunity. Australia and India had also banned the use of Tik Tok and with its sale it will spur up these countries to overturn their ban.

Private owned companies like Facebook and Tik Tok have been the punching bags of both china and the United States to settle their differences. It’s only these private organization who suffers their attack with little or no financial input from the government during their startup, now president Trump is talking of the united state treasury also benefiting a percentage from Tik Tok sales, since they initiated the process.

One can’t tell the issue at hand whether is as a result of security concern or both world powers trying to get at each other or a business. This is a bad precedent meaning creative software developers coming from china or the united states would be having a double mind on their creativity knowing fully well the barriers that awaits them if they intend to be on top and as this fight continues, it will only affect free flow of business, only giving access to richer companies to grow more and suppress young developers whose ideas dies of with pass of time.

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