6 ways to save time

Life feels good, when you plan correct and organize. This would free up long hours and use it for other meaningful things. There are six top tips to free up some hours for the good things in life.

Organize your wardrobe: a well organized wardrobe will make getting dressed in the mornings a breeze. First take stock of everything you own. You will unearth some forgotten treasures as well as pieces that you know you will never wear again. Then try everything on.

Does it fit?

Does it go with anything else?

Be ruthless: if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, give it to charity and free up some valuable space. Next, take anything that needs mending or altering straight to a tailor.

Finally, separate your closet into work, evening and casual sections, leaving the pieces you wear most often within easy reach. Now you can spend an extra five minutes in bed, confident you won’t be waking up to a last minute, nothing to wear panic.

Sort out your makeups:

Keep two make up bags stocked with identical favourite items, then you can put one in your bag and leave one in your bedroom, saving precious minutes when you are getting ready for work or a night out.

A garden made easy: if you are not very green fingered or just don’t fancy spending your weekends up to your elbows in earth, set aside a couple of hours this season and plant 50 colourful flower bulbs in just one area of your garden. Come spring, they will add colour and impact while drawing the eye away from the other areas you haven’t got time to tend.

Put paperwork in order: put all your bills, statements and letters into a box or tray as they arrive. Once a week, go through everything; paying bills and filling or discarding paperwork. That way, you won’t waste time hunting around for overdue bills or missing letters.

Never forget birthdays: instead of panic buying pressies at the last minute and probably over spending in the process, stock up on birthdays, anniversary and congratulatory cards, you will always be able to acknowledge important events in your friends and family lives.

Simplify the housework: spend less time dusting and vacuuming by reducing static electricity in your home. Spiriting floors with a mixture of half cup of fabric softener and one and half cups of water encourage carpets to repel dust before it settles. To make cleaning the bathroom a cinch, run hot shower with the door closed for a few minutes, the steam will loosen dirt and make tiles and surfaces much easier to scrub.

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