Sandra Lusing is a vibrant Gospel Music Singer from DRC but Resides in Uganda. She has grew up in a Christian family and was encourage to serve God. Her Journey as a Gospel Minister started long time ago and she continued singing in choir, doing the lords bidding and as God might have it, she started writing her songs and as God might have it, she saved for her music project to recording her songs which she did in year 2023.

Finally, God has paid her of her effort and her sacrifice sacrifice as a gospel singer. Now she has 2 studio recorded songs and God is taking her higher with her first song Release.

Her testimonies did not stop, as through her first song release, god favoured her to connect with Gospelwatt Music and their interest in her great talent have made her to be their brand Ambassador in Uganda and this will see her travel round the world to minister and earn the respect she truly deserve.

this year 2023 makes her 39 years of age, she is blessed with 4 children, despite all the responsibility, she was just focus in her goals to be a great gospel artist and favor has found her, please follow her on all her social Network Below;;;

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