The gospel watt Academy is here to make you professional in all musical fields, we offer various training on the following below

  1. Vocals: $50 for 8 weeks
  2. Instrumentalists: such as keyboardist, drummers and Guitarist is $120 for 6 months.
  3. Sound engineering : $300 for one year
  4. Music producer: $400 for one year
  5. Photography: $50 for 8 weeks
  6. Cinematography : $500 for one year
  7. Music director: $350 for one year
  8. More to come

Training on vocals start 9th January, class holds only on Saturdays. You can reach us immediately on whatsapp @ +2348113713679 to enroll immediately.

Getting a certification as a vocalist gives you a greater chance to compete for Gospel Idol, as winners would be reward financial with an additional 5 years Record deal.

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